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Journal of Forensic
Medicine and Toxicology
(International Edition)
A peer Reviewed Journal Dedicated to the
promotion of all branches of medicine and
science useful in the administration of justice.


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Current Issue
Jan - June 2010
Vol.27, No.1

ISSN 0971-1929
Online ISSN 0974-4568


Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
is an official publication of Medicolegal society. This journal is covered by Embase, The Excerpta Medica Database.


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 Current Issue Articles    
  Editorial: Basic components of Practical Examination in MD Forensic Medicine Course  
  Accidental deaths due to coffee making machine blast: Two unusual case reports  
  Future trends in Medicolegal Documentation Pros and Cons of Virtopsy  
  Sudden Death in Adults An experience in National Institute of Forensic Medicine Hospital Kuala Lumpur (Hkl), Malaysia  
  Estimation of Age by Morphological Study of Sternal End of Fourth Ribs in Females  
  Postural asphyxia secondary to organophosphorous poisoning  
  Estimation of Time since Death from the Spectral study of Associated Blood Stain  
  Male-to-female transsexual on estrogen: Sudden death due to pulmonary thromboembolism  
  Mendosal Suture an anatomical variation mimicking fracture  
  Foreign Body Inserted in the Rectum as Torture and Related Medico Legal Issues  
  Kronlein-Shot: Homicide by Shotgun under the Disguise of Accident  
  A Postmortem Study of Histopathological Findings to Determine the Age of Abrasion and Laceration  
  Injuries due to fall from height  
  Diatoms as a great forensic tool in investigation of death due to drowning: a case study  
  Forensic Instrumentation Technique Series-v: Breath Alcohol Analyzer and its Forensic Applications  

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